July 22, 2009

Enni Id, Decorated House

this picture and the next four 
courtesy of Henrik Hausen

Life and works

Enni Id (1904-1992) from the community of Padasjoki, Finland. always had a passion for sketching and painting but during the time she lived in marriage, due to the ideas of her husband, this desire could not be realized.

However, when in 1966 she became a widow she took the opportunity to follow her passion and she began painting.

This became kind of an outburst. She covered all walls of the cabin, but also the furniture with decorations and images, mainly of flowers, plants and cats.

In this blog you will find other examples of women who at a later age began decorating their house, such as Bonaria Manca from Italy and Polina Rayko from Ukraine (see also the documentation).

Enni Id also made paintings on canvas, her favorite themes being landscapes, angels, devils, animals and elements from the Cudgel War.

Her paintings have been shown in a 1973 exposition of naive art in the Kunsthalle in Helsinki. This exhibition and illustrated articles in magazines and newspapers gave her at age seventy some reputation in Finland.

Her artwork was also represented in the 2005 outsider art exposition In another world in the Kiasma museum in Helsinki.

Many of Enni Id's paintings currently are in private collections.

The house has been renovated

Enni Id's house was legated to the community and it currently is cared for by the local village action association Kellosalmi-Seitniemi-Virmaila kyläyhdistys ry

The property needed renovation and this has been done with funds from the Päijänne-Leader association, a regional association that promotes developments in this rural area.

this picture and the next one by Minna Haveri

The roof has been renewed and the exterior walls have been repainted. Currently the cottage is open for visits (on sundays in summer).

Enni Id in relation with art environments

In 2015 the ITE-museum (outsider art museum) in Kokkola, Finland, had an exposition about some Finnish outsider artists who abundantly decorated their home, among whom Enni Id. The picture below shows how she was featured.

The permanent collection of the ITE-museum includes a number of works by Enni Id.

* A website with panoramic shots (made around 2005) of the interior of Enni Id's house (Quick Time needed).
The Hermitage weblog (july 2010)  has a post discussing three female outsider artists, Enni Id, Polina Rayko and Bonaria Manca
* Website of the Heinänen Art Foundation  with pictures of Enni Id's paintings
* Article on ITEnet Finland (in english)
* Presentation on Facebook as public figure
A video by Kari Karttiala You Tube, 8'39", published august 2017)

first published july 2009, last revised jan 2018

Enni Id
Decorated House 
Seitniemi, Padasjoki, Finland
can be visited 
in 2017 open from june 4 - august 13, on sundays from 12-15


  1. Those cats seem full of purpose, with their unnerving gaze.

  2. The repression, most of the times, is the origin of an outbburst of creativity. It seems like Enni tried to recover the lost time and expressed it with every single brushstroke, and with every drawn line. Agree with ArtSparker about the cats also.

  3. From Finland to Spain ! Covering all of Europe... I wonder what sets some people off at some point to decide to conceive and execute these large-scale art and decoration projets... while the vast majority of people do not embark on such inspired missions...

  4. "Like opening a finely wrapped present"out of the box Delightful